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    Featured instruments: pedal harp; electric harp; keyboards; MIDI sound effects and orchestral, percussion, soundscape, and synthesizer instruments; piano; baritone ukulele; hand percussion.


  • My music has been heard in movie theaters, TV news shows and advertisements, media productions, and about 20 independent short films.
  • Solo harp  and cinematic music for TV, advertising, media production
  • Film trailers.  Here is a recent example of film trailer music as an artistic video.
  • I like to experiment with the harp in non-traditional genres, such as this dubstep fusion piece.
  • Cinematic, Chillwave, Dramedy, Horror, New Age, Solo Harp, Tension.
  • Recent works are mostly on SoundCloud.


Orchestral music featuring harp Lullabye
Meditative Solo Harp;New Age Harp Quietude

Deep Chill Introspective

Melodic, anthemic, majestic music for trailers and Hollywood features.

BMG MUSICCypher Trailer MusicWorlds Beyond album

(with Rob Oxenbridge,

Juliet Lyons)

Columbia Pictures Columbia Pictures bought the short parody trailer “Night of the Living Bread” and released it in theaters and on DVD.  The film generated a cult following, won an award at the Hamburg Film Festival, was featured on MTV and other programs, and is shown in theaters worldwide. It is often rebroadcast on television during the Halloween season.

Pre-cleared independent music for film, tv, advertising and video games.

Pop songs Perfect Stranger

(with Steve Collum)

Good Life Back

(with Axel Bauer, Nick Moxsom)

Epic, emotional library and custom music for blockbuster Hollywood trailers.

GOTHIC STORM – EpicStep album – Epic emotional dubstep

Track: Atlantean Angels & Dantesque Demons

(with Rob Oxenbridge)

LABHITS Music Licensing – What the Eff Vol 1 album – Comedy and Dramedy

Track:  Investigative Idiots

(with Matt Van der Boegh)

MINIM –  Delightful Solo Harp album
SMG (Switch Music Group)

Epic, emotional, beautiful

Limitless album

electric harp music

“The willow tree plays the water like a harp.”  –Ramon Gomez de la Serna, d. 1963

“What are they tuning — a HARP?”  –Kurt Cobain, d. 1994

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  1. I listen to your cover of clocks at least once a day—Incredible!!! I listned to other renditions but I found that their timing was, for a lack of a better word, lacking. I truley would love to see more of your work. Thanks for a brighter day!

    • How inexcusable that the ‘timing’ on the Clocks covers was lacking!!! 🙂 Thank you for the comment!

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