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My passion is to bring your productions to life with the support of one of the most emotionally resilient instruments on earth — the harp.

Harp-Felt Productions produces BackGround Music for use in radio, film, and TV productions, movies, ads, and games. Most works are instrumentals that often (but don’t always) feature pedal harp and electric harp either as solo instruments or as part of larger ensembles. 

The harp is a particularly compelling instrument for use in story-telling. As the first- known instrument ever to be played by humankind, the harp has a primal, emotional allure that registers authentically with viewers while blending seamlessly into nearly any kind of scene.

From epic action blockbusters to haunting fantasy and intimate love stories, the harp adds an element of purity and depth to your story that no other instrument can provide. Visit Cypher Trailer Music to see a promo of the anthemic, majestic music of the Worlds Beyond album by Rob Oxenbridge and Juliet Lyons.

Whether as a solo instrument or blended into an epic hybrid orchestral score, the sparkle and soar provided by the harp are matched only by its lush, other-worldly mystique, adding a vivid dimension that underscores the emotion and development of your stories.

Live-recorded instruments include pedal harp, electric harp, ukulele, and percussion instruments, and a variety of sampled string, brass, woodwind, and synthesized sounds. 

My work has appeared in numerous documentaries and independent films, a major motion picture, and TV, ads, and radio programs around the world, from Czechoslovakia to Vietnam to Japan. 

Let’s discuss how harp music can deepen and enhance YOUR story-telling!


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Visit the Harp-Felt Productions YouTube Channel for ideas about how my music can support specific types of scenes and moods.


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