• Flowers in Concrete – Lush harp contrasts with a harder ambience that evokes alienation and loneliness


  • Numb in City Snow – Classic ambient music with snow-like noise and sparse strings (harp), depicting desolation or despair


  • Underwater Glass Door.”  Ambient soundscape that ebbs and flows like light filtering through glassy water.


  • That Light on the Hill.”  Ambient cue with reverse delay that is both soothing and eerie simultaneously.



















Chillwave / New Age

  • MeadowSea.”  Chillwave with relaxing percussion. A collaboration with the production powerhouse, Stuart Cardell.
  • Shadow in the Tea.”  Relaxing, spherical, glassy-sounding cue with a haunting, aching vibe.

Epic Orchestral Hybrid / Trailer Music

Atlantean Angels and Dantesque Demons – An astonishingly original Neo-classical dubstep fusion piece Rob Oxenbridge at Cypher Trailer Music created with inspiration from my harp part.

Other works with Rob Oxenbridge on the Worlds Beyond album (click to buy on iTunes):


  • Perfect Stranger.”  Aching, emotional “I’m in love!” singer-songwriter type song, good for scenes about loss or a relationship that ended too soon. A collaboration with the amazing Steve Collom.
  • Heartache.” Emotionally wrenching song about the loss of a loved one or child.  Sung by the fabulous Juliet Lyons.
  • Rollin’ Man.” Foot-stomping indie folk that paints a picture of a footloose man who doesn’t want to be tied down by anything or anyone. Collaboration with Axel Bauer.
  • When I played with Megan Cameron’s band, Amethyst Stone, we often performed my song “I Can’t Dream,” an 80s-style dance tune reminiscent of Flock of Seagulls. (NOTE: If you can’t view the video here, try using Google Chrome as your browser, or go to my YouTube channel.)

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