Chillwave / New Age

  • MeadowSea.”  Chillwave with relaxing percussion. A collaboration with the production powerhouse, Stuart Cardell.
  • Shadow in the Tea.”  Relaxing, spherical, glassy-sounding cue with a haunting, aching vibe.
  • Go With the Flow.”  Relaxing, positive piano reminiscent of Keith Jarrett.
  • The song below was originally called “Seahorses.”

(NOTE: If you can’t play the video here, try using Google Chrome as your browser, or go to my YouTube channel.) The counter in the ‘playtrack’ window counts backwards so you know how much more of the song remains unheard.

Just for fun… this Electric Harp Jam  was the first recording I made with the electric harp that I built from scratch in 1990 . . . . . . . . . . .

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