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The right piece of music is the one that builds vibrant characters and tells the story in the best possible way

And what if that way was… with the harp?

Some people associate the harp only with angels and unicorns, but it has a wide range of uses that can elicit a broad range of emotions which I have been seeing more of in film/TV. The award-winning black comedy TV series Fargo, for example, used it to breathe life into complex characters and amplify a multitude of scene types in a rich, multi-dimensional tapestry.

As a harpist and film/TV composer, my goal is to champion the moods, characters, and scenes in film and TV, largely by using the pure but primal sounds of the harp, solo and with other instruments and different genres.

My music has been heard around the world on major outlets such as Fox, Disney, BBC, Discovery, and in a film parody bought and released by Columbia Pictures.

Recent Placement:

Other placements have included:

  • Prime time comedies, sit-coms, cartoons, crime dramas, action-adventure, and superhero fiction;
  • Various genres of Reality TV shows;
  • Documentaries and journalistic magazine broadcasts;
  • Independent films;
  • Ads;
  • News; and
  • Radio.

Music Samples by Genre

Tense, Unsettling, Eerie



Music Samples by Theme (in progress)

  • Action
  • Babies, Children, Baby animals
  • Castles, Royal Court
  • Celebration, Exuberance
  • Culture: Irish, Scottish, Victorian, Medieval, Period Pieces, “Woke”
  • Denial, Detachment from Reality, Daydreaming, Dreamlike, Utopian
  • Despair, Loss, Sadness
  • Determination, Commitment
  • Euphoria
  • Female Empowerment
  • Fine art, Folk crafts, Delicate, Beauty
  • Foreboding, Ominous
  • Freedom, Reprieve, Escape, On the Road
  • Happy, Bright, Feeling good, Upbeat
  • Idealism, Naivete, Wishful Thinking
  • Innocence, Tenderness
  • Insight, Inspiration, Hope
  • Landscapes, Open vistas, Horizons
  • Moving on, Moving forward
  • Nature
  • Religion, Spiritual
  • Resignation, Loss of hope


Adult Swim / Cartoon Network (United States)Apple TVAustralian Broadcasting CorporationAustralian Film CommissionAscendance (Instrument by Fallout Music Group)
BBCColumbia PicturesDisneyDenmark TV2Discovery UK
Finland TV5Fox TVFrance TFXFrance TFIGermany – RTLZWEI News
Germany – RTL IIHong Kong – Asia TelevisionHuluHungary TV2Italy – Radio Television Italy
Japan BroadcastingJapan NHK World Radio JapanMexico – TV AztecaNCTA (United States Internet & Television Association)Netflix
Netherlands – RTL NederlandNorway – Nordic EntertainmentPolish TVRomania TVSlovak Television
Vietnam TV

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